Mazda just celebrated 100 years of automotive excellence in January of this year, and to show their appreciation to their loyal customers Mazda will be offering special 100th Anniversary special editions of its most popular new vehicles.

Mazda has always made vehicles that excite and enrich the lives of its fans. It has done this by focusing on build quality and the small details that push them farther than their competition. They also drew inspiration from their rich Japanese history and used this inspiration as a guide in all aspects of the company. These special Centennial vehicles will draw inspiration from the 1960 R360 Coupe, which was the Mazda brand's first passenger vehicle. The 100th Anniversary Special Edition models will use upper-trim levels of existing models and enhance them with special design cues.

You can expect to find a two-tone paint scheme on most of the 100th-anniversary special edition vehicles. The paint scheme will have a white body with a color contrasting roof and matching interior. This allows you to have a special edition that is still unique and novel. These vehicles will come with a special Snowflake White Pearl Mica paint and you will be able to find 100th-anniversary badges through the vehicle. Even the key will come with a special logo and it will come in a special edition box to help drive home the point that Mazda truly cares about its fans. This is the perfect chance for you to get a special Mazda vehicle if you are looking for something special to drive around Milford, CT in.

Mazda has always strived to contribute to the world's advancement through engineering and determination, which is a sentiment carried on by the Mazda brand's founder. If you want to learn more about these 100th-anniversary special edition vehicles, you can visit our team at Mazda of Milford. They can give you all the details, or they can help you order one and customize it if you like what you see. We can even notify you if we get any of these special editions in our inventory so you can stop by and take it for a test drive around Milford.

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