A New Mazda Crossover is Coming

Get Ready to Meet the Mazda CX-30

Mazda is getting ready to add another crossover to its already outstanding lineup of larger vehicles. Debuting at the Geneva International Motor Show in March of this year, the brand new Mazda CX-30 promises to fill a gap in Mazda’s repertoire of crossovers and SUVs by offering car-like handling and maneuverability with the ride height of an SUV.

The all-new CX-30 was designed first and foremost to help make drivers’ lives easier. The interior offers comfortable room for up to four adults allowing for enjoyable road trips without leaving anyone behind. The reduced size over traditional SUVs makes the CX-30 more convenient than ever as well. Maneuverability in tight spaces has never been the strong suit of many SUVs, but the smaller proportions of the new crossover aim to mitigate such concerns.

However, the additional height makes for a much easier experience for driver and passengers alike. For the driver, increased visibility is the result, so navigating traffic and parking lots becomes a much less stressful experience. For passengers, the higher seating position makes getting into and out of the new CX-30 easier than a traditional sedan.

The new CX-30 will be the first retail vehicle to receive Mazda’s new Skyactiv X engine platform. This revolutionary compression-based combustion engine promises to deliver not only sharper response and more power, but incredible levels of fuel economy and reduced emissions that should keep both environmentalists and combustion engine fans happy as the future of driving quickly changes direction. This engine is the first step in Mazda’s plan to cut emissions by 90 percent of 2010 figures by the year 2050, and promises to deliver big results right off the bat.

For more information on the release of the Mazda CX-30, contact us today! Our team will be sure to send you updates as this new SUV as it becomes available later this year.

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